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Join us on a 13 week journey uncovering and collaborating with my creative team on your digital and in-person presence.

We're blending soul-filling business coaching with the power of working with Artisan Creative + Media Agency to transform your business with your virtual "backup dancers" to support you.

I would say that you're feeling in your bones that a change is coming.

Your business is moving right along, but you have this nagging feeling that something is missing. Your path forward eludes you somehow, and you feel like you are seeking answers that are not coming easily to you.

If I could guess...

Not to mention...

There are a MILLION talented designers out there.

You've probably spent countless hours scouring Pinterest saving pins of all the gorgeous brand designs you wish were yours. You've spent nights scrolling Instagram saving posts of any number of brand and website designers that you'd love to work with, but you know the investment is going to be huge and are you even at a place in your business to have every single thing that your website will need to complete the project? 

Do you have the perfect copy for all the pages that sounds just like how you sound in real life? Are you telling your potential clients everything you need to on your website in order for them to spend money with you?

Do you have photos for your website that you LOVE and will stir up the emotions you want in your potential clients so they know that working with you is going to be an amazing experience?

There's a lot to consider when you start working with a brand and website designer and it can feel overwhelming to have answers to all the questions that any brand and website designer will ask of you as a client.

that finding a whole creative team like a Brand Designer, a Website Designer, and a Copywriter Can Feel Like You’re Putting It All On Black In Vegas.

A way to have someone help you understand why they are creating your website a specific way according to your own business needs. A way to feel like you are understanding and collaborating to build your website and brand and know in your heart of hearts that you are creating a brand identity and website that will allow your business to attract effortlessly the perfect people, like bees to flowers 🐝

What If There Was A Better Way to Build Your Brand And Website?

Someone to go deeper into who you are as a person, why you started your brand and business, and understand the impact you want to make in the big wide world. Someone who can help you uncover the clarity that you’ve been seeking, and help you formulate a unique-to-you plan on the direction you want to grow. Not just give you a roadmap and send you along your way, but work with you side-by-side together all the tools you need to make your vision a reality.

Can You Imagine If You Had Someone Walking You Through Step By Step?

Sounds like the dream

And how would you feel if not only you left with a Brand and Website, but an Email Marketing Funnel too?

Yeah, you read that right.

We’re not just going to create a website for you. We are going to create a conversion machine that will act like your second in command in your business. 

We’ll help you create an amazing opt in to start building that coveted email list, and we will sit down with you to create an amazing nurture sequence and offer funnel so you’re actually doing some thing with all of those emails instead of just letting them collect dust on the shelf (not that I would know anything about that or anything 🤪).

Seriously though, having somebody sit next to you and create the actual emails you will be automating to your list is going to be as life-giving as it sounds.

Man, I got so carried away about the content you will be creating with our team that I forgot to mention all the coaching time you will also be getting!

We are including six group coaching sessions that review all of the curriculum we will be sharing to help build all of your content. We will hop on live as a group so we can all learn from each other, ask the burning questions that you all may have, and share ideas with each other to make our brands, websites, and email funnels even better. Plus it doesn’t hurt to set up an awesome referral system with the other people in the coaching group.

Plus, you will receive six one on one coaching sessions with me so we can review your own personal business and issues that may be unique to you. We are working on the long game here, and I want you to feel as supportive as possible so these one on ones are priceless.

did I mention there will be business coaching?

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the perfect blend of business coaching
and having all the content you need created to launch or relaunch your online & in person presence

get in here, and get your life changed my friend.

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We hate goodbyes

In Pillar Five | A Website That Works For You, our team at Artisan Creative + Media Agency will build your Showit website right along with you at your website coworking day so you leave the program with a fully functioning, visually stunning, and ready to convert website.

In Pillar Six | An Email Bread Crumb Trail, our creative team will take you step by step creating the content that lives in your email funnel and nurture sequences, create all the templates you need for those perfectly branded emails, and integrate them all to your website so you can start building that list.

This one is pretty huge. In Pillar Four | Imagery with Impact, we'll train you how to take your own brand photos and video, and have you leave with your own Lightroom preset collection and training how to use it (that you can even sell)! BONUS: We'll also be creative directing and producing a brand content shoot for your shiny new website, your email funnels, and your social media posts.

Ugh, the dreaded copywriting beast. In Pillar Three | Words That Hold Weight we'll help you create a brand voice guide, all the writing templates you need for your business, write your website copy together, and get all your email funnels written out by the end of the program.

In Pillar Two | An Intentional Brand, our creative team will be working with you and I to create an authentic and impactful brand so you can attract just the right people to your business that will make your work feel like vacation because you love your clients so much.

Let's start at the very beginning (which is a very good place to start, you know).
In Pillar One | A Strong Foundation, we will work one on one with you to dissect your brand name, create compelling offering names, develop your tagline; and uncover your brand values, vision, & mission so you can serve your ideal clients and customers in the best possible way.

During our 13 week journey you will be guided along six main pillars...

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Web Design
A website built on our favorite platform, Showit, using one of our signature templates and customized to fit your new brand.

A $1950 value when working with Artisan Creative + Media Agency

Brand Identity Design
We create a full brand identity suite for you using all the insights about your brand when you go through the coaching program. Think logos, color palettes, fonts, templates, and any other visual elements you might need to create a cohesive experience for your clients.

A $1650 value when working with Artisan Creative + Media Agency

Email Marketing Funnel Development
We help you get ramped up for effective email marketing with our favorite platform, Flodesk, to create lists, segments, templates, and automations for your email subscribers to lead them down the trail of getting to know you and then spending month with you.

An $1800 value when working with Artisan Creative + Media Agency

Photography + Creative Direction
We blend careful planning and creative thinking with our love of photography to create images that resonate with your brand and can convey the feelings you want to share through your social media and website content. Whether you are local and can attend the photoshoot, or we are creating images of things other than you for your brand if you’re out of state- we want to fill a library of images that you can use in a variety of ways.

A $2500 value when working with Artisan Creative + Media Agency

One on One Coaching Sessions
We are putting together six one on one coaching sessions to dig into the bones of your business and brand and give you a customized plan to reach your goals, not to mention the group coaching sessions to review the curriculum and framework we are laying out for our coaching clients.

Over $2100 value when working with Rosemary Watson in one to one coaching.

The total value of this 13 week coaching program is well over $10,000 but you can sign up today for less than half of what you would pay as an Agency client.

Here’s what you’ll get when you join
Lead With Magic...